What Was Happening In Walnut, Iowa, One Century Ago





A very pretty home wedding took place Wednesday, Dec. 30th 1908, at 3 o’clock p. m., at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Lamer, in Monroe township, when their daughter, Miss Susie E. was united in holy matrimony to Mr. W. A. Foster.  Rev. Arthur O. Wright, pastor of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church performing the ceremony in the presence of a large number of guests.  After the ceremony and congratulations a delicious wedding supper was served.  An elaborate list of presents were presented to the young people to express the good will which their many friends hold for them.  The presents hold many associations of strong friendship.

A host of friends extend congratulations and best wishes that they may live long to enjoy the blissful relationship made dearer by the vows just taken. (January 1, 1909, page 8)


On Sunday, January 10th, 1909, at Avoca, occurred the marriage of Sylvia M. Stacy, of Panora, and Col. Geo. W. Adams, of this city.  A reception was held at the home of his father, Alexander Adams, in Walnut, Monday evening, at which a large number of the Colonel’s friends were present.  Congratulations, with merry jests and cheerful conversation was the program of the evening.  An elegant luncheon was served.  After expressing sincere wishes for the happiness and prosperity of the newly wedded couple the guests departed for their several homes.

The groom, Col. Geo. W. Adams, is the genial President of the I. and O. Ry. Company, has grown from boyhood to his present state of manhood in Walnut and vicinity, and is too well known among our people, and in fact in the state, to need any introduction from us.

The bride, Mrs. [Miss] Sylvia Marretta Stacy, is a resident of Panora, Iowa, and is held in high esteem by all who have the pleasure of her acquaintance.  She is the efficient operator at the Long Distance Central and is local manager for the through phone lines, handling only long distance calls.  Mrs. Adams is fully qualified to handle the phone system of the Iowa and Omaha Ry., as chief dispatcher, for the Col.

It is a pleasure to chronicle the marriage of such worthy people and this paper wafts to them its warmest congratulations.  (January 15, 1909, page 1)


Motion made by Vice President, C. L. Kirkwood, of North Branch, Iowa, seconded by Ferdinand H. Schultz, of Treynor, Iowa, that President Geo. W. Adams, of Walnut, Iowa, be authorized and empowered to ask the business men of the incorporated town of Walnut, Iowa, and the free-holders of Layton township, Pottawattamie county, Iowa; also the free-holders of Monroe township, Shelby county, Ia., just what they propose to offer the said IOWA & OMAHA  Railway Co., as an inducement to establish their line and build through the town of Walnut, and request them to state whether they are willing to give in proportion to what other towns such as, namely:  Treynor, North Branch, Guthrie Center and Exira have agreed to do;  and further request them to hold a public meeting and definitely decide, in any manner agreeable to the persons present, whether they wish the IOWA & OMAHA Railway Co. to build its line through the town of Walnut, Iowa.

The foregoing resolution was adopted and ordered spread upon the records this 12th day of January A. D. 1909.  [signed]  C. L. Kirkwood, Vice Pres.;  Ferdinand H. Schultz, Director;  Arthur B. Saar, Director;  Geo. L. Artist, Director;  Z. B. Spangler, Director;  Peter Kathman, Secretary;  Geo. W. Adams, President.  (January 15, 1909, page 1)


Monday evening at I. O. O. F. hall in this city, the I. O. O. F., Moriah lodge No. 327 and Rebekah lodge No. 244 met in joint public installation and conferred upon the new officers the installation ceremonies.  About two hundred members of the two lodges and invited guests gathered at the hall to participate in the evening’s entertainment, which consisted of a social time after the installation and a banquet in the dining hall.

The installation of Rebekahs, which was first on the program, was conducted by Mrs. Blust, of Avoca, who is District President, assisted by the Grand Officers from the local lodge.  Officers installed for the ensuing term:  N. G., Mrs. E. I. Aldrich; V. G., Mrs. Frank Hanna; Sect’y, Mrs. J. W. Craig; Treasurer, Mrs. J. F. Ronna; Warden, Mrs. L. L. Hanson; Conductress, Mrs. Jas. Weise; Chaplin, Mrs. S. R. Comer; R. S. to N. G., A. E. Kincaid; L. S. to N. G., Miss Ida Clark; R. S. to V. G., Mrs. O. Mosher; L. S. to V. G., Mrs. T. H. Broughton; I. G., Miss Laura McKee; O. G., J. W. Craig.

Odd Fellows: – N. G., Peter Wilkins; V. G., F. E. Walker; Sec’y, L. J. Neff; Treas., A. E. Kincaid; Warden, Herman Clausen; Conductor, Jacob Reimers; Chaplin, W. H. Linfor; R. S. S., Thos. Sewell; L. S. S., Robert Foote; R. S. to N. G., S. J. Thompson; L. S. to N. G., Blufford Chambliss; R. S. to V. G., L. D. Wayne; L. S. to V. G., Henry Vollstedt; I. G., Frank Bauer;      O. G., John Reimer.

The first installation was that of the Rebekahs, who appeared on the scene with their wits in good trim for the arduous duties before them, and executed their work with a nicety that won the appreciation of their visitors, for indeed the work was well done, each individual brother knew before the close of the Rebekah installation that his respective nose had been put out of joint.  Mrs. Blust and her assistants had the work committed-and rendered the same as if they had made installation a life work.  The work in both installations are of a high order and when given the study and preparation that these officers seem to have given it, the effect was beautiful, and set a standard that will be hard for any order to surpass.  The I. O. O. F. and Rebekahs each have large membership and are interesting orders.

The reception Monday night was one of the best ever held by the two orders and a royal evening of enjoyment was the verdict of all in attendance.  The bountiful supper, consisting of oysters, sandwiches, cake and coffee was of a high order.  At this point the masculine “lodgers” were able to recover their lost prestige, for if an Odd Fellow can hold a record anywhere it is at the banquet table.

Varine Installation.

On Saturday night, January 2nd., at their hall, the German Varine [Verein] installed the following officers for the ensuing year;–President, Henry Eggerstedt; Vice President, Claus Kuhr; Secretary, J. B. Johannsen; Treasurer, Julius Hector; Trustee, Wm. Bauer; Janitor, A. R. Jacobsen; care of Cloak Room, August Hoffman. (January 8, 1909, page 4)

O. E. S. Install

Mignon Chapter, No. 286 Eastern Star, installed the following officers at their regular meeting on Tuesday night, for the ensuing term:–Worthy Matron, Mrs. Ollie Myers; Worthy Patron, James Thompson; Assistant Matron, Ida Sievers; Conductress, Anna Ronna; Ass’t Conductress, Lida Thompson; Secretary, Mrs. Mable Ronna; Treasurer, Mrs. Mary Allee; Marshall, Mrs. Emma Vollstedt; Warden, Mrs. Maggie Ronna; Sentinel, Mrs. Ida Madsen; Chaplain, Mrs. Sarah Bruce; Adah, Mrs. Grace Hammond; Ruth, Mrs. Mary Crow; Esther, Anis Sager; Martha, Leona Ronna; Electra, Christina Vollstedt.  At the close of installation a banquet and general supper was served in the banquet room.  (January 15, 1909, page 1)


At the regular meeting of the Homesteaders, Walnut Homestead No. 92, the following officers were installed for the ensuing year, R. M. Lampman acting as installing officer:  President, Edwin Chambliss; Vice President, Elmer V. Benson; Secretary, L. D. Wayne; Treasurer, Lola A. Clark; Marshal, Eugene Craig; Chaplain, Frank C. Pearson; Man-at-arms, Clifford O. Kinsey; Herald, Ross J. Gibbons; Lady of Charity, Mrs. Mary O. Myers; Lady of Entertainment, Miss Marie Heflin.  After the installation ceremonies the members all enjoyed a banquet, delightful refreshments being served.

A.O.U.W. Installation

At their regular meeting last Saturday night, Walnut lodge No. 194, A. O. U. W. held public installation of officers for the ensuing year.  Grand Master E. B. Evens, of Des Moines, was installing officer.  Following are the officers for present term:  John Petersen, P. M. W.: W. F. Bauer, M. W.: Hans Petersen, Foreman: John Koos, Overseer: C. C. Overton, Financier: Julius Hector, Receiver: W. R. Emmons, Recorder.

After the installation of officers a banquet, consisting of oysters and a general supper was indulged in by the members and families and invited guests. (January 15, 1909, page 5)

Anti-Horse Thief Association

There will be a meeting of the Anti-Horse Thief Association at the town hall on Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, at 1 o’clock p.m. All members should be in attendance, as this is the annual meeting and important business to transact.

                        By Order of the President,      L. A. STAMAN  (January 29, 1909, page 5)

Every day is bake day at the Bakery.  Bread and buns always fresh.

Theo. Anstine is seriously ill with pneumonia.

You all know where we are at; you all know what we sell.  Nuff sed.  THE WHITE HOUSE

Notice:–I will give fifty dollars reward to any lady, gentleman or boy who will prove by law, who stole a shoe from in front of my store and threw it upon the roof of J. L. Bunker’s office.  Proof must be sufficient to convict.  F. NAGEL

The Donald Stuart family enjoyed a family reunion, Christmas Day, all of the Children being present.  The three sons from Oklahoma arrived the first of last week, making the reunion complete.  The Oklahoma boys are:  Charles and Robert, of Pawhuska, the former a banker and the latter an attorney, and John, of Ralston, is also a banker.

Read the Big Store’s ad.

Than. Kite left for Fullerton, Neb., Tuesday morning for a visit with friends and relatives.

Bring your poultry to the Walnut Produce Co.  We pay highest Market price.

Ernest Feldhahn sold a span of five year old horses, Tuesday, to John Goetshe for the round sum of four hundred and fifty dollars.

Dave Kite has purchased three of the Dr. Hanna lots, just across the street from Fred Taggert’s residence, and will begin the erection of a modern dwelling upon them soon.

R. A. Brindley purchased a lot from Dr. Hanna, the first of the week, south of the D. E. Kite lots, and will build a residence on the same next spring.

Lunches and Short Order meals a specialty, at THE PALACE CAFE.

Get my price before selling your chickens.  Phone Red 62.   J. LONGNECKER.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Collins left for Chicago, Tuesday evening, where they will make their future home.

Mr. and Mrs. John Couzar, of Seattle, Washington, returned home Tuesday morning from a week’s visit with his sister, Mrs. Than Kite and family.

The Iowa Cream Separator, guaranteed to be as good or better than anything on the market today.  For sale by:  SPANGLER & EMMONS.

For sale:–The late Dora Hennings property on Walnut St., consisting of house and two lots.  Enquire of A. R. JACOBSEN. 

E. Hageboeck, on the Ben Boiler farm claims Thursday, January 14th as the date for holding his farm and stock sale.  See invoice in next week’s paper.

The third number on the Citizen’s Lecture Course is dated for the Opera House on Wednesday night, February 10th.  When Rev. Father Nagel, one [of] the best platform speakers in the field, will deliver one of his renowned and popular lectures.  Keep this date in mind.

A quiet home wedding occurred at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jurgen Thiessen at two o’clock Wednesday afternoon.  The contracting parties were Miss Maggie Thiessen and Mr. John Rasmussen.  Esquire J. B. Johannsen officiating.

All aboard for Taft, Texas.  Our combination dining and sleeping car, “Wamduska,” starts on its twice a month trip to Taft, the land of sunshine and all summer, on Tuesday, January 5th.  Arrange to make the trip on this date.  Tuesday, January 19this the date for second trip in this month.  W. & W. 

For Sale.—The Frisbie residence, seven rooms, good well, fruit, half acre of ground.  Enquire at Exchange State Bank.

Notice—To whom it may concern, this is to certify that I have quit digging wells with Vaughn & Evans, but I have not quit digging.  Am better prepared than ever to do your well digging and repair work.  See me at Peter Koll & Son’s office.  S. J. THOMPSON 

We note with pleasure that G. C. Benson has purchased the Thos. Jespersen wagon shop, which will hereafter be his headquarters.  This keeps in our midst a young man of remarkable genius.  With equal ease and accuracy he can turn out anything from an elegantly finished rocking chair to a threshing machine. . . .  (January 1, 1909)

Chris. Buttonschon Jr. and Miss Berth Reinfeldt were united in marriage at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Buttonschon, south of Walnut, on Wednesday, January 20th, 1909.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Britton, recently of Council Bluffs, have moved to Walnut, where Mr. Britton has accepted a clerkship in Longnecker & Remien’s store.

We neglected last week to mention the marriage, which event occurred Sunday, January 9th, of H. Voss, of Hartley, Iowa, and Mrs. Mary Dreyer, of this place, J. B. Johannsen Esq. officiating.  They will make their future home in this city.

A deal was consummated the latter part of last week, whereby Lee Carey became owner of Jerry Vollstedt’s new residence property and three lots in northwest Walnut, and Mr. Vollstedt has a legal title to Mr. Carey’s two residences in the northeast part of town.

Dr. N. F. Burks, the well known and successful eye specialist, will be in Walnut Saturday, January 23rd, one day only, at the BUREAU office with an up-to-date line of the very best spectacles and eye glasses.  If you wish your eyes correctly fitted with glasses, come to the BUREAU office on Saturday, January 23rd.  All work guaranteed.  (January 22, 1909, page 5)

Advertised Letters

The following list of letters are held at the Walnut post office unclaimed and will be sent to the dead letter office at Washington, D. C., next Monday unless sooner called for:

John Olsen.

Peter Smidt.

Edd. Johnson. (January 8, 1909)

Miss Nettie Cockayne.

Mrs. Charley Hogate (card.)  (January 15, 1909)

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Karsten.

Mr. Harry Shultz.  (January 29, 1909)   A. E. KINCAID, Postmaster

In Memoriam.  

Mrs. F. C. Deen died at her late home in Monroe township, eight miles northeast of Walnut, on Friday afternoon, January 15th, 1909, at 2 o’clock, at the age of 31 years, 3 months and 26 days.

Sadie Deen is dead.  The word flew over our city as on wings of the wind; where ever it touched it left sorrow, and the expressions of sympathy for the bereaved ones were many and from the heart. . . .

Miss Sadie May Clark was born in Monroe township, Shelby county, Iowa on September 19th, 1877.  She was united in marriage to F. C. Deen on December 19th, 1895.  To this union two sons were born, Jessie and Alvia, who with the husband, her parents, two brothers and two sisters are left to mourn her early death.

Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church in Walnut, Sunday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock, conducted by Rev. D. H. Cramer.  Songs were touchingly rendered by the Presbyterian choir. . . . (January 22, 1909, page 1)


Funeral of John Engleman

Held at Presbyterian Church

John Engleman, our aged, well known and esteemed citizen, sleeps the sleep that knows no awakening in this world, his death occurring at 5 o’clock Saturday morning, January 23rd., at his late home in Walnut, death coming as a result , chiefly, of general decline of health, due to advanced age.

Deceased was born in Union county, Pennsylvania, February 18th, 1835, making his age at time of death 74 years, 11 months and 5 days.

He was united in marriage to Henrietta Hartman in January 1856.  To this union eight children were born, four of whom survive him.  He moved to Freeport, Illinois in May 1856, where he resided until 1864, removing to Marshalltown, and in 1872 to Pottawattamie county, in 1881 to Walnut where he has since resided.  Mrs. Engleman died December 26th, 1907, aged 69 years, 11 months and 26 days.

The funeral was held from the Presbyterian church, Monday at 2 p.m., conducted by the pastor, Rev. D. H. Cramer, who preached from Luke’s Gospel the 17th chapter, the 20th and 21st verses, which text sets forth the doctrine that “the Kingdom of God is with you.”  Very helpful and inspirational music was furnished by the choir which was composed of Miss Johnson, Miss Sager, Mrs. Allen, and Messrs Jay Thompson and Chester Boiler.

Card of Thanks

To our friends and neighbors who so willingly and kindly aided us in the care of our beloved father, John Engleman, and expressed your true friendship and sympathy in our bereavement, by the many and beautiful floral offerings received, we, the undersigned, desire to extend to you all our warmest remembrance and most sincere thanks.  Mrs. R. A. Davis, Mrs. Dan Ast, Mrs. Angelo Reason and families (January 29, 1909, page 1)