About Us

In 1995, while the City of Walnut (Pottawattamie County, IA) was preparing to observe their 125th birthday, a group of history-minded residents gathered to head up the Book Committee, for the official publication of Walnut’s Quasqi-Centenial Celebration.

Some 14 months later, with the 450-page Walk Down Memory Lane book about our city’s history and it’s people completed, the Committee decided to see if there was enough interest to continue our work of gathering historical information and genealogical data.

As a result of that desire, on May 8, 1997, 34 charter members united in their desire and organized the Walnut Genealogy Society, with the 3-fold desire:

  • Collect & Preserve information on and for people associated with Walnut and the surrounding area.
  • Connect & Provide resources and volunteer assistance to enable proper genealogical research.
  • Create & Profile a computer bank of vital records of individuals who have lived in the Walnut area.

Our membership remains strong, with members spanning 6 states. We exchange newsletters/quarterlies with several other genealogy groups. Our projects have included vital record collection, historical preservation and cemetery restoration. Membership is open and welcome to anyone interested in joining us. Donations are accepted and are tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3).

Membership is open to anyone of interest for $12 per individual or $15 per family, renewable in January of each year.  The Antique City Roots is our official quarterly publication and issues are free to members or may be purchased for $2 each. Some back issues are still available.

Check out our resources and our constitution.

At the Annual Meeting in April, officers are elected to serve for a one year term. There are no term limits.

— Gayle Stuart

—Suzanne Lees

— Karen Hansen

— Barbara Butcher

— Suzanne Lees

— Pastor Paul Hutchins