What Was Happening in Walnut, Iowa in 1911



Advertised Letters.

The following letters are advertised in the Post Office at Walnut, Iowa, Dated July 3, 1911: Paul Thurgeston, W. A. Pitt, J. G. Parson, Geo. L. Potter, Alfred N. Nelson, Jas. F. McVherson, R. C. Lotn, J. E. Jenson, Anton Jensen, William Hansen, T. J. Cissney, Alfred Anderson.

If not called for in two weeks they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.

In calling for same please say “advertised.”

                                                            F. E. WALKER, Postmaster.  (July 7, 1911)

Indian creek was out of its banks and over the bottoms Wednesday forenoon as the result of the rain that morning.

The rain of Wednesday morning came near taking down the wall for Griffith & Anderson’s new livery.  As it was, it was moved at the top about six inches out of perpendicular.

O. C. Zinn writes that himself and wife have completed their visit at the old Virginia home and are now seeing the sights in Washington.  From there they will go to New York City, and expect to reach Walnut in about three weeks on their way home.

O. F. Lodge, accompanied by his family, departed on the noon train, day before yesterday, for a three weeks outing at the Okoboji lakes.  Mr. L. owns a summer residence upon the banks of West Okoboji, a delightful and sightly location.  They went via Des Moines and expect to be gone the greater part of a month.

Bootlegging is again rampant in Walnut, if a fraction of the reports in circulation are to be believed.  One statement by Dame Rumor is to the effect that five kegs of beer were disposed of in the alleys of the town one day last week.  (July 21, 1911)

Cement, sand and gravel at Mickels.

Art Dewey was a Lewis visitor last Sunday.

Ed Pardieck spent Sunday with a friend in Earlham.

Sam Cade returned Sunday from a trip to Omaha.  Wonder who he went to see?

Highest market price paid for poultry and eggs.  J. LONGNECKER.

Al Vaughn, of Omaha, spent Monday in Walnut with his brother, B. F. Vaughn.

Miss Hertha Sell, who has been visiting in Ida Grove, returned home Wednesday.

How about that new cistern this Spring?  ED. CADE.

Miss Hazel Spangler, went to Newton, last week, where she has employment as trimmer in Mrs. Guy Marshall’s millinery store.

Miss Lutie Coats writes Walnut friends, from Colorado Springs, that she is having a fine time and enjoying every minute of her vacation.

The right place to buy your cement, sand and gravel are at the Walnut Cement, Stone & Tile Works, Walnut, Iowa.

George Koebel came over from Minden, Monday to spend the day with his brother, Charles.

NOTICE—Now is the time to get your overcoats pressed and repaired.  Bring them in as soon as convenient.  A. J. Strutz.

Roy Hardesty, of Council Bluffs, spent Wednesday, in this city with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Hardesty.

P. F. and G. D. Muller, returned Wednesday morning from a week’s visit with their brother in Cass County, Missouri.

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Overton left with their household effect, for Gilmore, Iowa, the latter part of last week, where C. C. will engage in the furniture and undertaking business.

FOR SALE—A span of Coach horses, 5 years old, city broke: one set driving harness and a two seated carriage.  Inquire of the owner.  C. W. Larson.

Have you any chairs or couch that needs upholstering?  Have you a buggy or carriage top that needs repairing?  We are prepared to do good work reasonably and have time during the summer months.  N. H. Lewis.

A perfect washing machine, the Elmo Power Washer, complete with Wringer.  Can be used by power or by hand.  Call and see it at Spangler & Emmons.

FOR SALE—Re-cleaned timothy and clover seed.  T. H. Swain, on the Simpon section 1 mile east of Walnut.  (August 4, 1911)