Wanderings From Your President



During this pandemic we have all changed our way of doing things. We have not gone into many places where there is a large number of people.  I have still gone to the Elk Horn Genealogy Center, but, so far, we have not had many visitors.  We do all keep a mask handy, if someone does come in.

We did do some German research.  Leo has 2 nephews going to the Passion Play and wanted some information on relatives that might be in the area.  I at least came up with the towns where they might be.

It has been harder to see our own children this past 2 years.  The oldest granddaughter, Katherine, has moved back to Omaha, which has helped us see our great grandson more.  He got the name of John Cecil, both names are from Leo’s family.  Katherine works for Nebraska Corn Growers out of Lincoln.  

Victoria, who graduated from the University of Nebraska in three years, has had a very busy year.  She is working on campus in psychology research and is recovering very slowly from major surgery.  This was due to Chiari malformation; her brain was too large for her skull.  She is doing fine now.  Mary is at the University of Nebraska at Omaha studying engineering and works at Union Pacific in downtown Omaha.

Daniel is at Iowa Western Community College studying computers.  He made Eagle Scout last year and will be working at Geiger Scout camp in Missouri this summer.  Miraylie is in 8th grade in Atlantic and is out for Archery and Dance.  Teague is in 3rd grade and likes to ride the combine and any tractor that is moving.

Our whole family has been vaccinated and are getting along fine.

I hope that this is not sounding like I’m bragging on my family too much, but

we are proud of them all.