Wanderings From Your President



What did you and your family do when COVID-19 shut down so many things last March?

When this all started, most of us thought this won’t be so bad to stay home for a while to clean cupboards and closets.  The local Salvation Army store shut down, so, what to do with what we wanted to get rid of?  Stack it up until we find some place to go with it.  Now we can work on our genealogy that needs sorting and finding a place in our notebooks where it belongs. 

We started hearing about drive-by parties outside on driveways for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries etc.   I attended my first baby shower this last weekend, which was a drive-by.  The family got to watch her open the gifts after a short lunch in the house. 

In Walnut, they tried Scoop the Loop on 2 or 3 Saturday nights.  There were no in-church services, but we could watch on the internet.

We went for rides to look at crops and see if anyone got rain.  We did go look at crop damage when that bad wind, which they called a derecho, went through Iowa. 

It was nice when grocery stores, Walmart, and a few other stores would have Senior hours from 8-9 in the mornings.

You should have gotten some books read that were just waiting for you, along with reading news articles and magazines, and writing your family history.  The cemeteries got some attention, with work on stones and with cleaning them.

The wearing of masks was a new thing for a lot of us.  We had a granddaughter who took up sewing masks and selling them.  She made some money to put in her college account.

Did you find anything fun to do during this time?  Hopefully things will get better soon.