Wanderings From Your President



Those who keep a neat desk never experience the thrill of discovery.

Does this sound familiar? Have you found two-year-old coupons?  How about old bills that were paid and never got filed?  This is something that does happen once in awhile.  When I clean my desk, I have found things that I have at least two copies of.  Things get put on the desk to deal with later and later never comes.  I do have file folders of most of the families I work with, so there is no excuse for not doing something with what has been found.

In the past week I was asked about the military service of my Dad’s family.  Someone thought four brothers had served and I said, “No, there were five.”  WWI had four and WWII had one.  I realized I had some information on all of them, but there was more to be found.  It’s a good thing that relatives challenge me once in awhile.

We went to Nova Scotia in August.  This was a place we had not been before.  Lots of history and some things that we did not know about.  We did not realize some of the Titanic people were buried there.  Alexander Graham Bell had a beautiful home and a museum of all his inventions, a lot more than the telephone.  We saw potato farming and how they process them.  They have other agriculture production and are well known for fishing.  We saw the stage production of Anne of Green Gables.  We crossed the Confederation Bridge, which is seven miles long, located on the Bay of Fundy.  These are just some of the highlights.

If you see me talking to myself, don’t be alarmed, I’m just getting expert advice.

Have a wonderful fall.