Walnut’s Secret Societies




Three secret societies afford a goodly number of the citizens of Walnut an excellent excuse for spending their evenings down town at stated intervals.  Walnut Lodge, No. 122, Legion of Honor, organized and charter granted November 17, 1871, was the first to impose the obligation of brotherhood upon the following citizens, who were the charter members:  W. H. Linfor, W. H. Bowman, J. C. Spangler, W. F. Moreshell, J. H. Henry, J. B. S. Case, J. W. Hubbard, J. W. Gardiner, G. H. Myers, O. M. Bruce, F. Moreshell, M. Peatt, F. Hanna, P. Koll, H. Christiansen, E. M. Mirth, L. H. Broughton, G. W. Eroe, J. Watters, G. Frahn, A. L. Louless, J. N. Manifee, C. A. Rossman, H. D. C. Lenset, John Frahm, J. G. Hass, J. Green H. W. Beyer, J. Longnecker, Henry Koll and A. Peterson.  The first officers of the lodge were:  W. H. Linfor, President; W. H. Bowman, Vice President; J. C. Spangler, Recording Secretary; J. H. Henry, Foreman; W. F. Moreshell, Financier; J. B. S. Case, Chaplain; and W. Gardiner, Doorkeeper.

The second secret society organized was Moriah Lodge, No. 327, I. O. O. F., on September 25, 1875.  The charter members were J. W. Snyder, C. W. Merrill, G. C. Hunt, O. M. Bruce, W. H. Brundridge, J. M. Turner, W. E. Turner and G. T. Mix.  The first officers were: Noble Grand, J. W. Snyder; Vice Grand, G. T. Mix; Recording Secretary, W. E. Turner; Permanent Secretary, James Ledwick; and Treasurer, F. H. Green.  The present officers are; Noble Grand, J. E. Margeson; Vice Grand, C. A. Brown; Recording Secretary, C. I. Eroe; Permanent Secretary, J. Hector; and Treasurer, W. F. Moreshell.  This lodge is in a flourishing condition, the strength of the order in Walnut being forty-six active members.

The third and last secret society to organize a lodge in Walnut was the A. O. U. W. Walnut Lodge, No. 194, A. O. U. W., was organized by charter granted June 25, 1879.  The charter members were W. H. Linfor, Master Workman; W. L. Williams, Foreman; F. M. McGunsey, Receiver; J. L. Spangler, Financier; J. C. Spangler, Overseer; J. B. Johnson [Johannsen], Past Master Workman; O. M. Bruce, Guide; L. Carpenter, Inside Watchman; J. B. Stephens, Outside Watchman; J. C. Stephens, Secretary.  This lodge now has a membership of forty-two, and present officers are; W. L. Williams, Master Workman; William Woodring, Foreman; A. S. Aury, Receiver; William Gardiner, Financier; Henry Ott, Overseer; W. O. Hubbard, Past Master Workman; Robert Boot, Guide; W. R. Spencer, Inside Watchman; J. C. Spangler, Outside Watchman; and H. A. Cummings, Secretary.