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Jim Hansen received a phone call from Troy Hendrickson, who has a ’32 Chevy door with Harley Davidson dealer stamped inside and the phone number Walnut 246.  He has tried to find where that dealer was in hopes of donating the door to a museum in the town where it came from.  We do not think that was a Walnut, Iowa phone number.

Marilyn Buckelew emailed WGS seeking information on her great-grandparents Christian Pedersen AABY and Mary Jensen AABY.  They migrated from Denmark to Walnut in 1880 and resided here for 16 years before moving to Ute, Iowa.  The delayed birth certificate of their son John Petersen Aaby has Chris’ signature and states that they were in Monroe Township, Shelby County, Iowa when John was born on July 23, 1886. I found that Chris Aaby, 38, was in Polk Township, Shelby County in the 1895 Iowa Census.  There were 3 short articles in the Walnut newspaper about people visiting Mr. and Mrs. Chris Aaby in Ute.  The last visit was to attend the funeral of Mrs. Chris Aaby.