Teachers’ Examination


Besides the regular examinations at the court house the last Friday and Saturday of each month, there will be special examinations for the applicants for license to teach, at Carson May 2nd and 3rd; at Neola 9th and 10th; and at Walnut May 16th and 17th.

Those who are now teaching in the schools of the county come on the last day of each of the above dates.  It will not be necessary to lose any time to attend the examinations as all the work required will be offered on Saturday.                    

Respectfully yours,

                                    O. J. McManus,

                                    County superintendent  (The Walnut Bureau, April 18, 1902)


Miss Mabel Brown and Thomas Smart took the teacher’s examination in Council Bluffs Friday and Saturday.  (The Walnut Bureau, July 31, 1903)