Obituaries From The Walnut Bureau with Unknown Burial Locations




Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gibbs were called upon to mourn the loss of their little son, four years of age, from diphtheria, who expired on last Tuesday.  He was a sweet little boy, and the father and mother feel their loss deeply.  The entire community sympathizes with the bereaved parents.  (October 10, 1878, p. 3)

On last Thursday night the cold hand of death was laid on an innocent babe while it was sweetly sleeping, clasped in its mother’s arms.  We cannot, nor do we attempt to describe the feelings of the father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan, when they learned that their darling was no more.  Two hours before its death the infant seemed as well as usual.  This is the second child, that has been taken from them in the same manner.  (January 16, 1879)

A little girl of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Morris died with diphtheria on Saturday morning last.  Mrs. Morris has herself been troubled some with that almost fatal disease.  (April 24, 1879)

A little son of Mr. Phillip Bopp died last Sunday morning, with cholera infant.  (July 15, 1880, p. 3)

Mrs. Ingersoll, who has been a resident of this place but a short time, died Saturday night, in childbirth, one convulsion following another until death ensued.  She was buried yesterday.  (October 28, 1880)

A little child of Wallbury’s was buried the fore part of the week.  (April 21, 1881, p. 3)

Mrs. Fisher, who had been ill but a week or ten days, died Saturday and was buried Sunday.  (August 23, 1881)

DIED.—A little one-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. S. Smith, died on Wednesday evening of last week and was buried the following day.  The babe had been sick for several months.  The sympathy of the community is extended the lone parents at this time.  (November 15, 1883, p. 1)

DIED—Monday, Jan. 10, of fever, Mrs. Samuel Smith.  The funeral took place from the residence, Tuesday, Jan. 11, and the remains were laid at rest in the cemetery east of town.  [This is Kate Smith.  In the same paper, a daughter had been born to them on Jan. 9.]  (January 20, 1887, p. 4)

Died.  Feb. 21, 1887, after an illness of only 12 hours, Anna Carson, aged 12 days.  The funeral took place yesterday and the remains were interred in the Walnut cemetery.  (February 24, 1887, p. 4)

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Patterson mourn the death of their baby girl, born to them Tuesday, November 27th.  Its death occurred on Tuesday, December 4th.  (December 7, 1906, p. 5)