Layton Township Cemetery Project

Our members have done some extensive work at the cemetery east of Walnut.  Others who have helped were Jim & Justen Tooley, Roger Sievers & Russ Mohr.  Over 250 tombstones have been repaired, straightened, raised and cleaned.  Just inside the drive into the south side is the Carey-Comer plot.  Part of the brick wall around the outside had collapsed.  We removed it and had it repaired.

The block wall around the Brandt plot in the southeast part of the south side of the cemetery had a large tree that had grown into the wall and caused it to fall apart.  The tree was cut down, the east wall blocks and foundation were removed.  A new foundation and blocks were installed and the original capstones were placed on the new wall.  This work was done by Jim and Karen Hansen and Lillee Anderson.

Civil War veterans John G. Honeywell and Samuel H. Welty are buried in the cemetery, but did not have tombstones.  We were able to order stones for each of them from the Veterans Administration.  John Butcher and Jim Hansen set the stones. We had very nice dedication ceremonies for each of them thanks to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Kinsman Camp No. 23.  We were even able to have relatives present for the ceremonies.

We made the index of burials at the Layton Township Cemetery to go on the high quality directory sign, purchased by the township trustees and installed on September 22, 2020.  There are 1029 names listed on the south side and 1651 names on the north side of the cemetery.  The trustees also had approximately 70 larger tombstones repaired, straightened, and cleaned. 


Karen Hansen and Lillee Anderson Working at the Layton Township Cemetery