From The President’s Pen

From The President’s Pen

by Paul W. Hutchins

With this issue, we are again continuing our history of the churches of Walnut .

Because of the length of the main article, there was not much room left for our regular feature columns.  I trust you will agree the content of the article is worth the change in format.

As you glance through this issue, you will find some newspaper clippings from the Walnut Bureau that relate to the Peace Church.

One is of particular interest from when you consider all the non-English speaking immigrants we have in our country today and how some states, even Iowa, have had to pass laws proclaiming English as the official language of the state.

Now read that news-clipping about the Iowa state law that prohibited German immigrants during war time from speaking their native language in public.  Wow!

You can understand the reason.  [But, at the same time you have to feel for those immigrants who were just trying to hang on to their heritage and perhaps hadn’t learned English yet.]

Do you think that same kind of law would pass today if we went to war with, say, Mexico?

— PH