Eighth Grade Exams and Commencements, 1900-1932


[FROM THE WALNUT BUREAU, unless noted]

The examination held at Walnut last month by Mr. Crosier was very creditably passed by Misses Ginevra Smart and Katie Gundy, and they have just received their common school diplomas from County Superintendent McManus.  The plan is to make this examination a regular annual occurrence.  The diploma admits the holder to any high school in the county.  Rural school teachers should urge their pupils to prepare for, and make this entrance to higher work.  (July 20, 1900)

For several years past it has been the custom in this county to conduct examinations at convenient points for the purpose of granting diplomas to pupils who have reached that degree of proficiency that will enable them to do high school work.  In 1900 forty-five took the examination, sixteen were granted diploma; in 1901 one hundred twelve were examined, forty-three received diplomas.  Many of these young people are now in attendance at the various high schools in the county.  Those who were not able to take more advanced work have the satisfaction of knowing that the various high schools would receive them without further examination.

Examinations will be held in the Walnut High School room tomorrow, (Saturday) beginning at 9 a. m. (May 9, 1902)

County Superintendent McManus has completed preparation for the examination of the rural school graduates, which will occur on March 21.  The graduation in the different schools will occur upon the same day; and in view of the fact, programs of an elaborate nature are being prepared by the pupils.  Candidates for graduation from the rural schools must successfully pass the examinations in history, geography, reading, physiology, orthography, grammar, penmanship and arithmetic.  The test will begin in a few weeks and will be conducted by teachers.  The questions, however, will be uniform and will be prepared by Superintendent McManus.  The graduation exercises this year are the first to be uniformly carried out in Pottawattamie county.  (March 6, 1903)

But two rural scholars appeared to take the high school examination held in Walnut Saturday afternoon.  They were Miss Lucy Gundy and Miss Evalina Smart.  Both passed the examination and will receive diplomas from the county superintendent giving them the right to enter any high school in the county.  Miss Georgia Broughton had charge of the examination.  (March 24, 1905)

The eighth grade examinations will be held February 26 and 27 by the teachers in each school where eighth grade pupils are in attendance.  Legal paper is to be used and each pupil will furnish his own.

An early and careful report must be made to the County Superintendent of the names and addresses of the pupils who are going to take the examinations.  Teachers should report this on the blanks for this purpose, which have [been] sent from this office.

There should also be a report of the amount of postage required to be paid by them when sending in examination papers and it will be paid them.

The last Study Center will be held in Council Bluffs, Iowa, February 14, 1920, at the City Library.

Reading Circle books may be obtained at the county office.  The state requires each teacher to read one each year.  Reports on these must be in the office by May, 1920.  (The Journal-Herald, Avoca, Iowa, January 29, 1920, p. 8)

Fourteen students of Monroe township passed the eighth grade examinations, which were held at the Court House in Harlan the past week.  Seven of them being from Monroe No. 1, where Miss Helen Sieck is teacher.  There were two pair of twins among the seven students.  Two students from No. 2 passed the examinations, with Gladys Sorensen teacher; 1 from No. 3, Virginia Madsen teacher; 1 from No. 4 Velma LaMasters teacher, and 3 from No. 5 with Loretta Jave as teacher.  (May 26, 1932)



Commencement exercises will be held at the Deremyer school house tonight.  County Superintendent McManus will be present and deliver the class address.


Instrumental Music . . . . Lizzie McGrath

Invocation . . . . . . . . . . .Rev. L. J. Smay

Drill . . . . . . . . . . . .Red, White and Blue

Oration . . . . . . . . . . . . . Andre and Hale

Emil Kuhr

Oration . . . The Automobile in Industry,

Earl Martin

Oration . . . . . . . . . .When is a Man Poor

Vernis Shuttleworth

Solo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Miss Grace Coats

Oration . . . .Grasping at too many things

Robert White

Address on presentation of diplomas

by O. J. McManus     (May 25, 1906)

We had the pleasure of attending the rural school commencement exercise at the Deremyer church in Lincoln township, on last Friday evening.  The graduating class consisted of five boys, all of whom acquitted themselves very creditably in the delivery of their orations.  Supt. McManus was present and delivered a splendid address in presenting the diplomas to the class.  These diplomas admit the students to the high schools of the county.  Rural teachers should encourage their students to complete the rural school work and receive their evidence of their proficiency.

Mr. Thomas Smart, one of our High School graduates, has been elected principal of schools, at Hospers, Iowa.  Since graduating from the Walnut High School Mr. Smart has been teaching in the rural schools and has been very successful in his work.  We extend congratulations to Mr. Smart and best wishes for his continued success.  (June 1, 1906)