Civil War Vets’ Deaths


 It will not be many years when the observance of Memorial Day will have to be kept up by others than survivors of the Civil War.  The thinning ranks of the G. A. R. each succeeding year indicate this fact.  The number of men who fought for the preservation of the Union who still survive is rapidly diminishing.  The report of Gen. Green R. Raum shows that the historic men now on the pension roll are receiving their final earthly discharge at the rate of 600 a week.  As compared with the previous fiscal year the number of Civil War veterans decreased 6,184 during the fiscal year of 1905.  An effort is being made to pass a bill through congress creating a special retired list for about 200 surviving generals of the volunteer army of the Civil War.  Of these 200 three major generals, thirty-five are brigadier generals and the rest are brevet brigadier generals.  The bill meets with popular favor.  The number who would become beneficiaries is so small, and so many of them pass away each year, that the bill, if it becomes a law would not saddle much expense on the government.  (The Walnut Bureau, May 25, 1906, page 4)