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GENEALOGY:  Where you confuse the dead and irritate the living


We all have run into the situation where our ancestors used the same names in every generation.  What it may have been depends on your country of origin.  Scotland used Robert, James, Donald, Helen, Jane, Ann, and Margaret; Ireland used Patrick, John, Michael, Mary, Colleen, and Patricia; Scandinavian countries used Hans, Nels, Ole, Swen, Johann, Ingabor (Emma), Mette, Marie, and Hansena.  So it is; you need more when doing your research, place where they lived, possible occupation, church, small clues that may not mean much to you at first.


I know from past stories of my grandparents that if a question was asked and they did not want to answer, we were told that it “was none of your business.”  I no longer have any living aunts or uncles to ask questions, but I do remember that they sometimes made a joke about what they were telling me, so did I get a straight answer?


Some of us are lucky enough that someone in the past did write down some history.  This can be helpful, but you do need to prove what is written.  The statement may not be complete.  In searching church records in Europe, you need to at least know the name of the town.


We all have to remember that all family members are not interested in what happened 100 years ago.  They just like to keep up with the present day happenings.


I am sure you have tried to get into the 1940 census.  Some have had good luck and others are still looking.  Be patient, at least 50% to 60% is indexed at this time.  I do not know in what order they are putting them into the databases.  I’m sure when everything is in, there will be an announcement.


Stay cool.