Wanderings From Your President




So far the weather has been frigid . Good time to stay home where we can be warm and enjoy reading a book and lots of different kinds of soup. (I hope you have been able to miss the flu that has been going around.) Maybe even have a chance to work on family history some. I have not done any on my own family for awhile.

One of the stories of the new year is that the Walnut Bureau has ceased publication. For our February meeting we are going to do a program of the newspaper’s history and have members recall memories of some of the articles that were published in the paper. Think about your school activities, happenings in the community, building projects or when a building came down.

Another project is for our March meeting; Barb and I are going to put together tombstones that are different. If you have any pictures, please bring to the February 12th meeting along with a short note on where you found them. Karen has found several on the internet that are interesting.

If anyone has a suggestion for future programs, we will be more than willing to look into them. Some suggestions: a family history, railroads in the area, businesses on main street (early years), postmasters and mailmen, fires and epidemics. Roma’s book and the newspapers are good places to start.

Of some interest, Kate, intern at the Danish Museum, who spoke to us at our December meeting, has taken a job at Boys Town in Omaha as an archivist. Her last day at Elk Horn is January 23.

Keep warm and enjoy the winter.