Visitors and Queries



We had many visitors to our genealogy room in August. Steve Rhodes from Springfield, Illinois is researching the HULIN and COPLEY families. Ruby Andersen found Hulin family info and locations of graves for him. Mary Ellen Woltmann of Walnut contacted Steve, as she is a relative, and they plan to meet in Illinois in the future.

Linda Berge of Atlantic was looking for a CRABTREE who possibly ran an ice cream shop in the mid 1950’s.

Tom Glissmann of Ankeny, Iowa is looking for the birth certificate and obituary of George GLISSMANN and information on his parents. I am also a relative and I sent some family history to him. Rev. Thomas Dooley from Avoca is looking for more on the DOOLEYs and Ireland. Barb Butcher and Gayle helped him.

Don and Natalie Richards from Clearwater, Florida revisited Walnut and the site of his aunt Florence BEAL’s millinery store, where Olde Thyme Quilting Shop is now. They shared photos of the store and of Walnut with us and I found census records for them.

Barbara Stites of Lincoln, Nebraska stopped to ask where the graves are of the OLSONs, Albert, Roberta and “Biff.”

Mickey Floyd from Missouri called me and wants information on her father, Marvin JAVE’s first marriage to Elva HOLST. Where are she and their daughter buried? Who are August, John & Margaretha, Peter and the infant son of P. J. & L. J. JAVE? Where did her grandparents Barney and Lena PETERSEN JAVE live before coming to the United States? Mickey’s mother was Nina Dorothea RILEY, daughter of Kenneth Riley and Dorothy HESS. Any information on her parents and their families would be appreciated.

I have already found some answers for her. Elva Holst Jave and her daughter, Betty Lou are buried on the Holst plot in the Shelby Cemetery. I found short articles about their deaths. There are photos at of the tombstones of these JAVEs: Elva & Betty Lou from the Shelby Cemetery and John, Jr. & Norma, John & Rosa and Juanita Jave NISSEN from the Elk Horn Cemetery.

Obituaries for Marvin, Barney, Lena, John, Margaretha, Peter and John, Sr. have been found. Barney and Lena were born in the U. S. Barney’s father was born in Schleswig, Germany and his mother was born in Schleswig-Holstein, according to their obits.

Virginia Dennis researched King Henry II of England for Jim Brown of Walnut.

Lorene Templeman of Atlantic called me to ask about White Beach at Koblenz, Germany, since it was mentioned in our news article.

Marietta Petersen inquired whether we might have obituaries for John and Henrietta NELSON, who are buried in the Marne Cemetery. We found the obituaries and sent them to Jim Carey at the Cass County Genealogical Society, so that he could give them to the people who were interested.

Marilyn Pearce from Haslett, Michigan called the library and asked for help in finding where her great-grand-parents Jens and Ane NASBY lived. They came from northern Denmark near Aalborg to be with their daughter Maria Jensen and her husband, Lars Anton Jensen. She plans to send more information.