Visitors and Queries



Carla Conroy and her father, Hoyt LANGHOLZ, from Omaha visited to research their families from Walnut. We found obituaries and graves of the LANGHOLZ, SMITH, MUELLER, KELLER and WOHLERT families. They saw where Hoyt and his family, the John Langholz’s lived, as well as properties and a house that was owned by Claus Langholz, Hoyt’s uncle.

Information on Elmer and Earl WALTERS was sought by Donna Muecke of Sheridan, Wyoming. Russ and Donna Knuth from DeSoto, Iowa were here, looking for information on Christian and Holger NEERGAARD. Gary and Martha Beaumont of Champaign, Illinois were looking for items related to TRAMM, JOHANNSEN and WILL families.

Jim and I helped Bernie and Sue Dierks from Prairie Village, Kansas with research on his great-grandfather Hans DIERKS and his brother John. They had visited the Cass County Genealogical Society and received some information from there. The Dierk brothers owned the lumberyard before the Green Bay Lumber, where the current Walnut fire station is at 500 Pearl Street. At the Layton Township Cemetery, we found the grave of Sophia Dierks and of the RONNA family. Jurgen Ronna was married to Catharina Dierks. We were able to visit the old farmstead owned by Hans at 48646 Sumac Road, which is now owned by Paul Simonsen. Coincidentally, my mother’s family, the Jerry Glissmanns, had rented and lived there in the 1920’s. Thanks to Bernie for the information that he sent on his family.

Bob and Jan Wilson visited from Clovis, California seeking information on the BOILER family.

Bill Jentzen came from Kennewick, Washington looking for information on JENTZEN and on the Erwin & Eldren (RANNIGER) POPP family. I put him in contact with their daughter Joanne Popp Schnackel.

Through our website, we received a query from Ron Andresen of Hudson, Iowa. His great-great-great-grandfather was Peter Flohrs ANDRESEN (1820-1899) and he was married to Frauken Christina WOLF Andresen (1817-1901). Peter had a son Hinrich (Henry) C. Andresen (1863-1921), who was married to Louisa (Lucie) (Lurer) (Lucy) HANSEN Andresen (1862-1935). All four of them are buried at the Layton Township Cemetery. He is interested in any information about them.

Recently I received a phone call from Mary Wickersham of Des Moines seeking information on Jacob and Tomma RABENSTEIN, her great-grandparents, and on Tomma’s parents, Heink and Lucy EIMEN WILLMS. All but Lucy are buried in the Lincoln Township Cemetery, so I am familiar with the names. I also have a connection to the Willms family, as 3 of my great-grandmother’s sisters married Willms brothers, sons of Heink and Lucy. We are sharing our information.

Thank you to Darryl Schuttloffel for giving us a copy of his SCHUTTLOFFEL family history.