The Walnut News June 20, 1878 by Gayle Stuart

Walnut, Iowa, June 20, 1878

Notices of the Press

No. 2, of the Walnut News, came to this office last week. It is published by Mr. A. P. Cramer, and the bright and newsy appearance of the number before us plainly indicates that Mr. Cramer is a man of considerable experience by the newspaper business. We congratulate the people of Walnut on having secured so good a paper. — Shelby News

The News of Walnut, Pottawattamie County, is a new paper by A. P. Cramer. The first number is before us. There is plenty of sense and no sense in it, hashed up in a way that makes it attractive. The News is Independent in politics and starts out with every appearance of paying support and permanent success. We will be pleased in X — Osceola Beacon. [Ed. Note: This was our best guess as to the name of the newspaper.]

The Walnut News, a beautifully printed paper, well filled with paying ads, and gotten up throughout by the hand of a master, comes now to our table. It is the new-born paper of Mr. A. P. Cramer, some time editor of the Tribune-News. Cramer is always felicitous, and the sprightly town of Walnut will have a good paper as long as it sustains Cramer. — Tribune-News, Afton.

[Taken from our first microfilmed paper, Vol. I No. 4. This is the start of where we are finding information on what went on in Walnut over the past almost 130 years. We have 38 rolls of newspapers on microfilm. We have the papers of 1980 – 1988 in bound books, but they are not on film. Ruby Andersen has spent countless hours extracting obituaries and news articles from the films.]

The Message, published at Marne, has just given the News, authentic notice of its existence. It is well filled with advertising matter, which alone insures the success of a newspaper, in a business sense. It is one column larger than the News and is well filled with reading matter. We wish the Marne Message an abundant harvest. (The News, July 21, 1882)