Intern Insights



As the intern for the Walnut Genealogy Society, my project is to index the Layton Township Cemetery.  Indexing includes writing down all the information off the tombstones, taking pictures of each one, and putting the information, obituaries, and pictures into a database.  I am also putting the information and pictures on so people from all over the world can see who is buried in the Layton Township Cemetery.  So far, I have finished gathering information on the south side.  Pictures are taking longer because of the conditions of some stones.

While reading through the obituaries, I have found some interesting stories about the people buried in the cemetery.  Henry Von Kaus was a veteran of three wars.  He fought in the Spanish American War, the Mexican Revolution of 1910, and World War I.  Colonel George Adams received the title of Colonel from the governors of Iowa and Oklahoma.  He was well-known for his work with the railroads and the oil business.  He even visited the royal courts of England and Belgium.

If anyone has any questions about my project, you can contact me at or come to the next WGS meeting!