History of the 8th Grade


The list of 1st grade class members is in the article, “186 Register For Opening of School.” They gained Alfred DeShazo and Kenneth Suhr in the first semester and Gloria Peters in the second semester. The music teacher was Miss Downes, who formed a rhythm band which performed during the Christmas operetta.

Their room teacher in 2nd grade was MaryMargaret Jacobsen. The class gained Richard Anderson, JoAnn Woltmann, Melvin Larsen, Delbert Brehmer, Wayne Cordes, Jim Beyer, Carolyn Holst, and Marlene Popp. Dwain Blum came in the second semester. Edwina Bowman and Gloria Peters moved away. Trudy Nissen went to Arizona for six weeks during the winter, but returned to finish the year. Miss Ballenger was the music teacher. They had 26 pupils to enjoy the picnic which was held at the close of each school year.

Miss Doris Bathurst was the room teacher in 3rd grade. Students added were Mary Etta Nash, Carol Palmer, Sheryl Wyant, and Ronald Shlueter. Dwain Blum did not register and Larry Sievers left the class. Charles Honnold and Richard Anderson moved to another school in the 2nd semester. Mr. Curtis, the music teacher, started a tonette band.

Individual pictures were taken in the first, third, fifth and seventh grades and group pictures were taken every year.

Their room teacher for the 4th grade was Mrs. Bernice Larson. Francis Frederickson and Cathleen Sievers registered at the beginning of the school year. Donald Shinn came, but stayed only 2 weeks. Sheryl Wyant moved during the second semester. Mr. Romoser, the music teacher from September to March, entered the U. S. Navy and Mrs. Bigelow taught the last 3 months. Mr. Shaw taught the grade school instrumental groups.

Their 5th grade room teacher was Miss Shirley Peterson. New students at the beginning of the year were Tommy Morris, Robert Bornholdt, Freeman Ping, and Larry Jacobsen. Kay Trube came during the first semester; Phyllis Leed, Arnie Sampson, Dwight Saemisch, Joan Mickelsen, Carolee and Eva Mae Eilenstine came in the second semester. Mr. Donelson taught music to the class in 5th, 6th, and 7th grades.

Mrs. Lorraine Pflugshaupt was their 6th grade room teacher. Linda Wilson, Cheryl Cordes, Monica Sievers, John Short, Janne Beedle, Johanna Hall, and Gary Runyon joined during the year. Kay Trube and Tommy Morris moved to other schools.

Their 7th grade room teacher, Mrs. South, had to resign in November due to health problems. Mrs. Nelson became the new teacher. Gene Young started during the second semester and Phyllis Leed and John Short left the class of 39 students.

Mrs. Lorene Bigelow was their 8th grade room teacher, Mr. Dean taught Science and Mr. Lees taught Music. Dwain Blum, Eva Mae Eilenstine, and Gary Runyon failed to register for school. Freeman Ping left in the second semester, but Denny Anderson came that semester. Nine of the eighth grade class of 1956 had been classmates through all the grades of Walnut Public School.