101 Years Ago At the Walnut School by Karen Hansen


by Karen Hansen

“Don’t encourage that boy in his idea that he had enough schooling before he has finished a common high school course. Keep him going even at the expense of some rather stringent urging. The successful man of the future must be an educated man. Things have changed since you were a boy and are changing more rapidly now than ever before. The chances for the plug man are disappearing so give your boy enough education to raise him out of that class.” (The Walnut Bureau, Jan. 19, 1906, p. 5)

“This is the first week of the Second Semester. We hope for better work in all departments during this semester than during the last.

Parents are cordially invited to visit school at any time that may be convenient. You will be made welcome by the teachers, and can inspect the work of your children in class during a recitation.

The teacher needs to observe, read, think, practice. He needs to sit at the feet of Jesus, of Aristotle, of Socrates, and of Pestalozzi, and learn methods from the masters.—Selected.

Two beautiful pictures—one of the battle of Bunker Hill and the other of Gettysburg—were placed in the High School room Tuesday. Pictures of this kind teach patriotism, and every school room should have a number of these to adorn its walls.

Absence from a semester examination cannot be excused by the parent except in case of sickness, and students absent from such examinations are marked zero.

Preparations for the annual declamatory contest are now being made. The Superintendent and Misses Broughton and Everson will have charge of training the contestants.

It isn’t the amount of arithmetic, or history or geography that a teacher gives to her pupils which is most valuable. It is the development of their moral character, the ability to see the right thing and then to do it; this is the true mission of the teacher.” (Educational Column, Conducted by L. J. White, The Walnut Bureau, Jan. 26, 1906, p. 7)

Report of the Walnut schools for the month ending Feb. 2, 1906.

Total enrolled. . . . . . . . . . . 236

Total attendance in days . .4550

Average daily attendance . .227

Total absence in days. . . . .118

Average Daily absence. . . . . .9

Number of tardiness. . . . . . .41

Visits by parents. . . . . . . . . . 6


Pupils neither absent nor tardy during the month of January are as follows:


Enid Copley Arnold Echart

Hobert Heflin Lavern Ware

Harry Koll Dora Pierce

George Spoo Lula Longnecker

Edna League Margaret Kasther

Lois Madsen Mable Hofman

Glenn Prueninger Leona Bohnk

Berl Lewis Bruce White

Burton Fraser Jessie Bartlet

Austin Ware

Miss Everson, Teacher.

Second Primary

Charlie Tierney Leo Tierney

Doris Madsen Clifford Hanson

Amita Bohnk Claude Constable

Russel Emmons Clifton Broughton

Eden Allen Helen Brandt

Burnett McLyman Ralph Ast

Charlie Echart Hobart Kincaid

Ettabel Mick Harry League

George Thompson Pearl Pedersen

Alva Deen

Miss Broughton, Teacher.


Fredia Ast Stuart Kastner

Vern Cade Lester Kite

Ernest Cade Felix Pedersen

Harold Pierce Carl Orth

Karl Pierce Myrtle Longnecker

Will Bartlett George Bohnk

John Bartlett Gladys Emmons

Jesse Deen Ruth Mickel

Merna Madsen Jim Menefee

Oda Pedersen Don Robinson

Ed Thompson Glen Orth

Herbert Bohnk Floye Soper

Meta Bohnk

Miss Winhafer, Teacher.

Second Intermediate

Aletha Mickel Alfred Bohnk

Bert Lebeck Ralph Koll

Raymond Wolff Fred Lewis

Clara Andresen Harold Thompson

Roy Wolff Mildred Leonard

Herbert Bunker Bertha Ketelsen

Barbara Fleming Hans Mueller

Merle Luce Pearl Vaughn

Orville Myers Joe Fraser

Gerald Robinson Dell Jacobsen

Harry Lorenzen Roy Myers

Andrew Thompson Norman Kastner

Lillie Longnecker Frankie Bixby

Bernal Carey Glee Copley

Hattie Copley Artie Keoppe

Mack Copley

Miss Julia Leonard, Teacher.


Effie Ast Chester Fleming

Ivan Madsen Gladys Mickel

Grace Mickel Bertha Nagel

Earl Robinson Ronald Spangler

Gladys Thompson Willie Tierney

George Aldrich Hazel Bunker

Vera Lewis Willie Tierney

Harold Sankey Homer Spangler

Ethel Taggart Josie Thompson

Peter Mueller

Miss Jennie Leonard, Teacher.

High School

Minnie Ast Gladys Carey

Carrie Fleming Edna Hector

Marie Heflin Milda Jacobsen

Alma Johannsen Lewis Overton

Stella Prueninger Leona Sievers

Harry Taggart Frank Tierney

George Backus Harry Feldthahn

Olwney Corey Edwin Chambliss

Harold Eroe Lauretta Chambliss

Bertha Hagge Amanda Keoppe

Edmond Moller Vera Sankey

Ruby Schlotfeldt Ethel Smart

Jennie Backus Edmond Burke

Claydie Chambliss Rose Fraser

Reba Copley Harry Hector

Grace Keoppe

Misses Landers and Moore, Teachers.

Pupils in the high school who passed the first semester, 1905-1906.

Mabel Galvin Edna Hector

Marie Heflin Milda Jacobsen

Alma Johannsen Stella Prueninger

Frank Tierney Ruby Schlotfeldt

Beth Thompson Rose Fraser

Vina Gress Margaret Cissna

Reba Copley Laura Eroe

Louis Fraser Hazel Lodge

Alice Galvin Grace Keoppe

Miss Ella E. Moore, Principal.

(The Walnut Bureau, Feb. 9, 1906, p. 4)