1895 Articles From The Walnut Bureau

1895 Articles from The Walnut Bureau

J. F. Ronna is having a monument erected on his lot in the cemetery at this place in memory of his beloved wife.  It is being put up by a Council Bluffs firm, and will be the largest and most elaborate in the cemetery.  Its weight is 38,400 pounds, and its height 14 ft. (January 4, 1895, p. 2)

All persons who have relatives or friends buried in the cemetery should meet there Arbor Day, today, to set out trees, clean up and otherwise beautify the grounds.  The time would be well spent and the air of neglect with which the cemetery is now attended would give place to a more cheerful appearance.  (Friday, April 26, 1895, p. 3)

Council Meeting.  Walnut, Ia., Sept. 3, 1895.  The sidewalk committee reported that it would cost $292 to build a sidewalk to the cemetery and that they had $125 subscribed toward building it.  On motion report of committee was accepted and walk ordered built. (September 6, 1895, p. 2)

The cemetery sidewalk will be finished this week.  (October 11, 1895, p. 3)