Wanderings From your President



“Spend the afternoon.  You can’t take it with you.”   Annie Dillard

Where have the lazy days of summer gone?  It is already the middle of July and I don’t think we have really had many days in which to be lazy. With the rain we have had, the lawn has needed mowing every week.  There have been grandchildren activities, a new kitchen floor put down, Leo’s 60th class reunion here, three weekends of company, etc.  It has all been enjoyable, but it is time to spend an afternoon or two being lazy.

Some days, when we spend time on our computer, with no real purpose, are we wasting time or spending an afternoon?  I myself don’t do a lot of just poking around on the computer after I get my monthly reports filed and keep the bookkeeping up on the farm operation.  I still volunteer at Elk Horn one day a week and this is all on computer.  Sometimes I can sneak in a little time to work on my own things.  Is that spending time or working?

How many of us have wondered what may happen with all our research?  Are any of your children interested in getting all that you have collected?  Is there some library or historical society willing to take it?  Or have you been spending all your afternoons on something nobody is interested in?

The Museum of Danish America at Elk Horn, Iowa is now a member of “Time Travelers.”  This is a site for a free reciprocal membership network for museum sites and societies throughout the United States.  The Missouri Historical Museum created the program in 1998, so if you are a member of a historical institution you could receive exclusive benefits and privileges at about 300 organizations in 40 states.  Go to “Time Travelers” to see a list of members.  Iowa has 11 listed + Elk Horn.

www.deathindexes.com has recently added new links and updates to 31 states, so you may find records previously not available.

I hope you all have a good rest of the summer.