Visitors and Queries



We received an email query from George OLINGER, who lives in Texas.  He is descended from Lawrence Olinger and his wife Helen CADE.  The Olinger family went to Texas in the mid 1940’s when Lawrence was discharged at Ft. Bliss, Texas.  George and his grandfather are planning a trip to Iowa and Nebraska to visit some of his grandfather’s boyhood haunts. His grandfather’s grandparents John Edgar Cade and his wife Effie FOOTE lived in Walnut for a period of time before moving to Omaha, Nebraska and then moving back to Walnut. He would like any information on them as to where they had lived, etc. 

His other grandparents, Troy Ed and Jessie Olinger, lived in Honey Creek, Iowa.  The original spelling of the name was “Ohlinger.”  After they came over from Germany, some of the family branches dropped the “h” in the spelling of the surname while others continued to spell it with an “h”.  One branch that dropped the “h” added it back a few generations later.

We are working on his query with help from Mary Ellen Woltmann and Darlene Ross, who are related to the Cades and to the Footes.