Visitors and Queries



With the return of warm weather, visitors have been coming in and we have been busy with other queries also.  Dana Norman Maynor from California visited our genealogy room, made a generous donation, and copied many obituaries from the DRAKE family.

Shirley Alexander of Omaha called and visited looking for information on the family of Marinus NIELSEN.  We were able to find his obituary and that of his wife, Lena, and service information for their sons, Donald and Gordon.

Darlene Ross of Washington has been in many times getting information from our notebooks and from the scrapbooks of George Mertz.

Kim Kegyes of California wanted information on Charles HAWKINS and Henry THIESSEN, who married Laura Johnson and we found obituaries for her.

Dave Christensen of South Carolina wants the names of students in his class beginning in 1st grade in 1946 and for the next 3 years.  He had checked at the school and at the museum and we didn’t find the information for him either.

Charlie Caddock of Olalla, Washington and Diane Proud of West Virginia where looking for where Earl CADDOCK lived.  We found when he bought and sold the house at 211 Country Street and copied many articles about Earl for them.  We also connected them with his relative Esther Loewenstein.

Craig Brandt was looking for an article about when the BRANDTS came to Walnut.  He didn’t find that, but did get information on the Brandts and their businesses.  At the Walnut museum, he saw many photos and items from his grandfather Will Brandt, a Walnut dentist.  He plans to return to look at Helen Petersen’s family scrapbooks.

A granddaughter of Layton Menefee, who is from Colorado, was looking for where John MENEFEE lived.  We found him in Layton Township section 34.  They moved to Atlantic around 1900.

Queries that we are working on include one for Kim Cubic of California.  She is interested in information on the Jurgen THIESSEN family.  Was his daughter Bertha related to her husband, William Petersen?

Margaret Reynolds of northern California is looking for Henry BRANDT, the father of Henrietta.  Henrietta was born in Jan. 1841 and married Paul BREUCHAUD and lived in Grundy Center.  We found 3 Henry or Heinrich Brandts, but none born early enough.

John Behrens of Washington is seeking information on the parents of John Christian BEHRENS.  We found obituaries, a map and an article about Henry Behrens.  We also sent a list of websites. 

We had an email inquiry about a family Bible, but she didn’t say what family. 

Beth Soukup emailed us that she has an outhouse from a golf course in Edgerton, Wisconsin for sale.

Another query that we received was from Pauline Grate of Ohio about information on Edward and Mary Morgan CLARK.  Their daughter Minnie married Allison Palmer.  We did not find the Clarks, buy sent obituaries of Minnie and Allison Palmer.  We also gave her the address of Phyllis Simonsen Giboyeaux, who has made family trees, which list the Clarks.

Ceil Lang of Nebraska was sent obituaries of Andreas and Catharina JACOBSEN and of Emil and Bertha MUELLER.  We also found the parents of Catharine Jacobsen listed on the 1925 Iowa Census.  We sent a photo of the front curtain from the German Verein Hall that hangs in the Walnut Museum.  It was painted by Emil Mueller and has his name on the top center advertisement.  She is also interested in finding the WWI chest of her aunt Augusta Mueller.