Maybe you would like our lunches, and maybe you wouldn’t. Maybe they are good and maybe they ain’t. Maybe you eat, and maybe you don’t, BUT, if you do, maybe you had better try, THE WHITE HOUSE.

Having secured the assistance of B. S. Carper, of Audubon, a first-class cook, I am now prepared to serve anything in the short-order line. At THE WHITE HOUSE. R. A. BRINDLEY, Prop. (Walnut Bureau, Oct. 9, 1908, p. 5)

You all know where we are at, you all know what we sell. Nuff sed. THE WHITE HOUSE. (Walnut Bureau, Feb. 5, 1909, p. 5)

R. A. Brindley sold The White House to Julius Herman and James Nichols in 1910. Julius Herman sold it to William and Henry Kaus in 1911. It was located at 227 Antique City Drive, the south half of where the American Legion Hall is now.

Julius Herman and the Kaus Bros. continued to use The White House name.