Lincoln Township Cemetery Project

One of the more ambitious projects taken on by the Walnut Genealogy Society was to author a book on the Lincoln Township Cemetery.  Lincoln Township Cemetery is a rural cemetery located in Pottawattamie County Iowa seven miles south and one mile west of the town of Walnut, or seven miles east and one-half mile south of the town of Hancock. Physical address is 25506 500th Street, Hancock, Iowa with latitude -41.3825 and longitude 95.2314.  The cemetery was in existence by the year of 1875 as this date was on the oldest gravestone, that of Oscar Peilecke who died December 15, 1875.

The writing of the cemetery book started out with the intent to find an obituary for each of the individuals buried in the cemetery thus helping to identify them with a particular family.  As time progressed, it was found that it was impossible to find obituaries for a number of the individuals.  Then the project took on a whole new direction as any information was looked for.  Knowing that the project could go on forever made it necessary for the compilers to pick a time to end the project, publish the book and make the research available to the public.

With the May 2022 commemoration of twenty-five years of the Walnut Genealogy Society’s inception, that seemed to be a perfect time to finalize the book.  The readers need to understand that the book was not intended to be a complete history on any of the individuals whose final resting place was the Lincoln Township Cemetery.

The compiled information was taken from the sources which are listed in the written pages.  The writers assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.  They are just making available for the reader the information found in the listed sources.  Articles in the book are typed as they appeared in the sources, so there are definitely different spellings of the same name and even differing information in some of the details.  Hopefully the information can act as a starting point for continued research.  It would also be prudent to mention that more information on some of the individuals is available at the WGS genealogy room at the public library in Walnut, Iowa.

WGS members Barbara Haller Butcher and Karen Karstens Hansen spent countless hours over a number of years compiling the information.  Their gratitude and special thanks are once again extended to all individuals who have assisted in the gathering and sharing of information for the publication! 

The Lincoln Township Cemetery book of information is available for sale to interested individuals from the Walnut Genealogy Society in an 8.5″ x 11″ format as a spiral-bound softcover book of 175 pages complete with burial listings and a location map of the lot owners.