Education Column, Walnut Bureau 1911


   We are now in receipt of an official letter from The A N Palmer of Cedar Rapids, Ia., announcing the results of the Palmer examination finished last week.  Recipients of honor are:  Gladys Emmons, Meta Sell, Nellie Wayne, Hulda Sornsen, Francis Burke, Jesse Deen, Aleta Moritz, Katie Schmidt, Maine Mickel, Leah Schlotfeldt, Hertha Petersen, Ettabel Mick, Vera Kite, Marjorie Bigelow, and Aletha Mickel.  Congratulations, students, upon your success and the attainments you have made.  A Palmer display is now on at Mr. Bruce’s Drug Store of eighteen Palmer writers of the Walnut Schools.  Drop in and see them.

   The following High School students were absent last week, Mabel Nissen, Gerald Robinson, Joe Fraser.

   The work outlined for each class is now nearly completed, and the rest of the year will be used for semester reviews and examinations.

   The Eighth Grade is now reviewing Enoch Arden.

   The Ninth Algebra class is very “busy” with Square Root.

   Gladys Emmons was the champion speller in the Eighth Grade Friday.

   Carl Paulsen was absent from the Seventh Grade last Thursday and Friday on account of the death of his cousin.

   The Sixth Grade History class has completed the work for the year and is now taking a review.

   The Fourth Grade has been attempting map-drawing this week.  Some real good work has been accomplished.

   Ruth Backus holds the most stars in Grade Four, while Bruce Bigelow leads in the Fifth Grade.

   Hilda Nielsen was a pleasant caller in Room Three last Friday.

   Mas. (?) Ronna, Morris Seville, and Don Baker were little callers in Room Two this week.

   Those having 100 per cent in Spelling in Room Two for the past week were Lucy Walker, Gladys Overton, Laverne (?) Nielsen, Thelma Megeath, Elsa Lebeck, Paul Kastner, Eleanor Hoffman, Virginia Bigelow, Irene Boiler, Ethel Walker, Charlie Thompson, and Evelyn Rossman.

   The Third Grade has finished a very successful week in short division.

   Herbert Mosher has been absent from First Grade this week.

   Those in First Grade having 100 in Spelling this week are, Theodore Vaughn, Harry Pflugshaupt, Harold Walker, Clarence Herman, Myerl Strutz, Edna Paasch, Ethel Wehland, Adrain Robinson.

   The Faculty, Juniors, and Seniors enjoyed a very pleasant outing at Kuppe’s Grove last Friday evening.  The entertainment features of the program were autoing in Mr. Ed. Burke’s scorching “E M F”, frying wiener-wursts on forked sticks, private lessons in manipulation of an auto car, toasting marshmallows, crossing the Botna, telling stories, and visits to Avoca.  Thanks “awfully” for the auto, Mr. Burke, for the services of team and wagon.  We certainly enjoyed it all.