Wanderings From Your President



“With God, All Things Are Possible.”

This was the motto of my graduating class fifty years ago. How times have changed! We would not be able to use this motto in this day and age, because it might offend someone.

In August, we traveled back to my hometown for this reunion. We had a good time trying to remember faces and names. I had gotten my annual out sometime before this to see how classmates were supposed to look. Some of them had changed lots and others were the same (?) as fifty years ago. We were a class of 182 members with thirty of them gone already. Of the 152 surviving, 85 were present. They had a booklet made of the classmate’s responses, which was interesting to see what occupations they went into and how some had traveled several interesting places.

On Sunday and Monday, after the class reunion, as many of my family that could gather together did so. Always fun!

Leo and I just got back from a tour of Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany, where we had the opportunity to see the Passion Play that is done every ten years. This was done in German. We did have a program that was in English and German, so, knowing the story, we could follow along. The Swiss Alps were beautiful, along with castles and more castles. We were in three of them- all very different.

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall and looking forward to winter, when we will have time to work on our genealogy.