Wanderings From Your President



“Without hard work nothing grows but weeds” — Gordon B. Hinckley.

Do you sometimes wonder why you work so hard on a project? Then someone gives a compliment and that makes all the work well worth while.

Think of other things that you do in life: Mowing lawn, which we have had to do every week this summer, and pulling weeds in our flower beds. Hard some days to keep ahead of this work, but it looks good when we are done. The same with a garden, in order to have fresh vegetables, it takes time and work and it sure tastes good on a cold winter day.

Washing windows, sunrise and sunsets are much nicer looking out clean windows. Cleaning closets and drawers, why did we keep some of this? When we can give some away or trash it, we have a much better feeling about our home.

In September, we drove to Phoenix and joined a tour of the Grand Canyon and the National Parks in Utah. Beautiful! When this was created, I’m sure the good Lord thought we needed these showcases of natural beauty and I like to think it was hard to decide that the world needed a place like this.

When we are putting our family histories together, we are careful about the way we put things in order and what we write to go along with pictures. We give it lots of thought, so someone else can understand what we are trying to say.

Have a good fall, as we prepare for winter.