Walnut Bureau Notices

Public Sale.

I will sell at public auction at my farm on Saturday, March 13, at 10 o’clock a.m., 15 head of horses, mares and mules, all good work stock, wagons, harness, 20 brood sows, shoats, cows, self binder, mower, self rake, planters, cultivators, plows, harrows, buggys, platform spring wagon, full sett of farm tools, all nearly new.

The above will be sold on one year’s time without interest. ELI CLAYTON

(Walnut Bureau, Mar. 11, 1886)

From the Walnut Bureau, Thursday, AUGUST 18, 1887

TUESDAY MORNING, Aug. 16. At 12:15 this morning the alarm of fire was sounded by C. F. Jacobsen, who discovered Clayton & Schofield’s grain elevator to be on fire.

When first seen, the fire breaking through the roof of the engine house. It was evident from the first that this and Spangler’s elevator were both doomed to destruction.

Clayton’s elevator was filled to the roof with grain.

The buildings burned included Clayton & Schofield’s elevator, office and coal sheds. They place their total loss at between ten and eleven thousand, insurance, $6,000. Can’t tell yet whether they will rebuild or not.


I have for sale one thousand bushels of red Brazilian artichokes, the best hog food ever raised, delivered either at my farm or in Walnut. Enquire of Avery, Spangler & Co., or at my farm.

Eli Clayton.

(Walnut News, Apr. 28, 1881)