Visitors And Queries by Karen Hansen


by Karen Hansen
Those who have visited our genealogy room, since our last newsletter, have been the following:

Bob Chandler is researching the descendants of Edmund CHANDLER. He, along with Carol May, is co-chairman of their family association. Their website is

Terry Staack and Colleen of Columbus, NE are researching August William STAACK. They were interested in finding the location of his blacksmith shop.

Diane Callahan of Akron, CO is looking for information on Frank Albina and Lillian Dale REMINGTON and their children, Earnest, Cora, Charlie, John, Fred, Lillie, Grace, Dora, Gladys, and Ralph. We located an obituary for Lillie Remington, who is buried in the Walnut Cemetery.

We have received e-mail queries from Wayne Sankey of Janesville, WI, from Darlene Ross of Everett, WA, from Janet Brandt, and from Dennis Hulin. Wayne wrote, “My great, great grandfather Joseph SANKEY and his family were residents of Walnut for several decades. He died and was buried in the Walnut cemetery in 1881; his wife died the following year. The family owned a hotel and livery, did some farming, and worked for the railroad. Other surnames associated with the Sankeys are Taggart, Johnk, Miller, Hogan, and Ward.” He is very interested in Margaret’s maiden name, Lottie and Mattie Belle, and whether there is a photo of the business district that includes any of the Sankey businesses. We found the following information for him:

Lottie, known as Kitty, was born Nov. 10, 1861 and died May 14, 1909. Mattie Belle was born Jan l, 1866 and died Dec. 24, 1919. Her 1st husband was James Henderson; they married in 1887 and her 2nd husband was W. A. Reed; they married Nov. 25, 1918.

Darlene Ross is planning a trip in 2007 and wants to know where the FOOTE family members are buried, so that she can take photos of their tombstones.

Janet Brandt is looking for more information on the Perry E. HOWARD family. We found Perry and his wife in Layton Township in the 1900 Census. In the Sept. 6, 1895 paper, “Perry Howard has opened a chop house in the Burke building, first door north of the bakery. He will be prepared to serve meals and lunch on short order at all hours. 15 cent oyster stews a specialty.” In the Sept. 7, 1900 Walnut Bureau, “John Fraser, Sr. has purchased the Perry Howard residence and will enlarge it.” In the Oct. 10, 1902 paper, “Mrs. Perry Howard, of Atlantic, was visiting Walnut friends Tuesday.”

Dennis Hulin is trying to find his ancestors before his great-grandfathers William HULIN and John WEHLAND.

JoAnn Bantin of Westminster, CO sent a photo of her great-grandfather, Benjamin BIXBY, in front of his home in Walnut. We located the house at 302 Pacific Street and sent a photo and property transaction records, as well as some Bixby articles.

William Rassmussen of Los Angeles, CA has been very appreciative of the information that we have sent. We were able to find the house of his grandparents, Ferdinand and Emma RASMUSSEN in Avoca and sent a photo and property transaction records. He received the names of his classmates in second grade in the Walnut school in 1942-1943. We found the farm sale bill of his great-grandfather Jurgen THIESSEN in the January 19, 1906 Walnut Bureau.

We are so thankful for the history of the STUTZMAN, SWINGLE, and DERMYER families that was donated to our genealogy society by Wilma Bobenhouse. It is very well done and is a great addition to our collection.