Additional Comments Found on the Pages of the Cemetery Book One


in which they appeared on the original documents


7—The Methodist Church has no use for this lot and does not want it, so it can be sold. Action taken by township board Jan 30, 1984

9—North one half of this lot transfered to Isaac Kile. South one half to Mrs. F.M. Allee May 8, 1906

10—Sold to J. H. Henry July 20, 1887 by quit claim deed from M.B. Frisbie and wife.

13—Surrendered to the trustees of Layton Township Cemetery April 14, 1969 and a check of $5.00 was sent to Mrs. Paul F. Miller of Waterloo, Iowa

14—see Page 4 for this same conveyance except date

18—Surrender and cancelled Nov. 8, 1950 and in consideration therefore a new deed was issued to Hulda C. Hansen and August J. Hansen

19—This lot deed in the name of C.L Lebeck by permission of C. L. Lebeck, Jonas Lebeck wife was buried on this part of lot and also Jonas Lebeck.

24—deed given to Mrs. Emott Sept 17, 1896

41—North 15 feet sold to Eliza Eroe by M.D. Halcomb and wife April 25, 1904

44—Transferred to Hans Waudt & wife March 1, 1902

48 – I hereby assign all my rights title and interest of this lot in the cemetery to Hans Cade

53—Transferred to Alexander Adams August 28, 1899

54—We Lewis Alford & Elizabeth e. Alford do quick claim deed all our rights and title unto M.B. Frisby the North one half of Lot #1 in Block #20 signed this 30 day of June 1887.

55—see page 51 56—Rogers Ark.

57—Elmer Reiner & Evelyn Reimer

58—Was buried on the S 1/2 by mistake where she remains Aug 10, 1881. was sold N 1/2 1st

62—I hereby transfer said lot the south one half of Lot 5 in Block 21 to Jessy Allen

66—$10 paid in stock in the first organization 75—conveyed by J F Ronna Sept 1894

78—Corrected as Lot 3 Block 19 is deeded to H C Muller 80—South 1/2 sold to Mrs. Erustine Smith Sept 27, 1910

84—$5 credit by stock in cemetery 86—Has tombstone on lot S 1/2 of N 12 of lot 2 in Block 17

92—see page 115 93—W. S. Packard & E.J Packard his wife

94—Resold to Mrs. E. H Ott April 4, 1927 96—sold to Frank Juhl for $10.00 Mar 7, 1911

102—sold to Johannes Martin page 329 104—sold to Johannes Martin Page 328 N 1/2

115—Bought from W. K. Spencer & Louise Spencer 119—quit claim deed, Louis Alford & Elizabeth Alford his wife

120—quit claim deed M. B Frisbe & Inez Frisbie his wife 123—reissued see pages 340 & 341

132—sold to heirs of Isaac Copley 133—quit claim deed A. Burns & Easter Burns his wife

138—see page 125 150—sold by Mrs. Emily Harris

157—quit claim deed to Mabel Smathers 158—quit claim from V M Tabor & Margaret Tabor his wife

172—page 91 186—duplicate page 179

193—surrendered Oct27, 1933 to Maggie Christensen 203—cancelled

208—not paid 209—transferred to M L Spangler Sept 10, 1912

210—sold to A H Brown Sept 6, 1905 212—died March 20, 1904

217—traded with John H Woltman for S 1/2 of lot1 Block 5 224—Surrendered Sept 22, 1925

233—This lot donated by the trustees 234—This lot donated

247—Burned Mar 3, 1904 died Mar 3, 1904

252—quit claim from Mabel Smathers, Mary Nissen Ana Butler Aug 23, 1951

265—Cancelled July 2, 1933, New deed to Henry von Kaus Page 340

271—John, George, Lottie, Carrie, William & Otto Wehland

274—Mrs. J J 282—traded with John A Andersen for N 1/2 of L 4 B 8

286—cancelled 288—According to plat this should read L 8 B 23 May 27, 1943

292—Mrs. died Feb 25, 1904 299—L 15 in B 19 on the South

300—Joining L 15 B 17 on S and N 5 feet of L 1 B 18

301—North 5 feet of L 1 B 13 Joining W D Schoenman on the South

302—N 5 feet of L 2 B 18 joining H A Cummings on S 303—N 5 feet of L 2 B 12 joining Mrs J Middaugh on the S

304—N 5 feet of L 3 in B 13 305—joining E D Gumbert on S

311—Joining Gottlieb Mueller on the S

312—Joining M C Christiansen on the S. transferred to Jno Matthias by Mary Allee

313—Joining Henry Warner on S & N 5 feet of L 2 B 13

314—Joining Chas Noehress and H. Ericksen on S and E J & E D Gumbert on the east

315—Joining Sarah J Morgan on the south 317—Bought from H E Bartley

318—Transferred from H E Bartley 319—Joining J P Grantz on the South

320—Joining L 15 in B 23 on South 321—Joining L 16 in b 23 on South

322—N 5 feet L3 in B 18 323—Joining John Sorensen on the South

324—Joining Mrs Emma Harmsen on South 325—Joining Henry Wendt on South

326—Joining Peter Jacobs on south 327—Transferred from H C Mueller page 50

331—Joining John Matthies on South 332—Joining on the south

335—Joining Wm Waters on South 338—surrender page 224

339—surrender page 224 340—change of name page 123

341—surrender Page 123 343—surrender page 265

344—surrender page 193 345—surrender page 18

346—Gladys Martin