186 Register for Opening of School


Faculty Complete as 1948-1949 Term Begins; Three New Teachers

It was “Back to School” Monday morning, as the old school bell beckoned 186 students of the Walnut community back to the halls of learning after a three-months’ vacation. A complete faculty was on hand to greet the boys and girls. The over-all enrollment picture is nearly the same as last year when 188 registered opening day.

Dismiss Early

Because of the intense heat, school has been dismissed early every afternoon this week. The 3:15 closing time will be practiced as long as the sweltering weather continues.

The faculty includes three new teachers—Irene Argabright, commercial; Martha Downs, high school and grade music, and Mrs. Charles Seville, home economics. Mrs. Seville, Walnut, is substituting for Miss Kegley, who taught here last year, and who recently submitted to an operation, making it impossible for her to be here for the opening of school.

Teachers returning from last year’s staff and the subjects they are teaching are: D. D. Fellows, Supt., manual training, algebra and sociology; Mary Jane Trennery, principal, English; C. J. Bliss, math and science; C. A. Honnold, athletic director and social science; Roberta Robinson, first and second grades; Mrs. Harold Jacobsen, third and fourth; Mrs. Bernice Larson, fifth and sixth; and Grace Billings, seventh and eighth. E. Arno Huster will again have charge of the school band.

Charley Linn, as custodian has done considerable work during the summer preparing the school building in tip top shape. He is again in charge for the school term.

15 First Graders

Fifteen young boys and girls began their school days here Monday morning. They are: Marilyn Baker, Nancy Bigelow, Edwina Bowman, Carol Ann Forsythe, Charles George, Billy Griffith, Charles Honnold, Jr., Jimmy Johnson, Lotus Luth, Trudy Nissen, Haven Pedersen, Jimmy Riley, Bobby Rounds, Jimmy Walter and Mary Weir. [Editor’s Note: Larry Sievers was shown in the photo of the class on their first day of school. The picture was in The Walnut Bureau, September 9, 1948, p. 1. His name was omitted from this list, but is included in the Class History of the Eighth Grade from 1948 – 1956.]

23 are enrolled in the second grade, making a total of 38 in this room, under the supervision of Miss Robinson. There are 28 in the third and fourth grades; 17 in the fifth and sixth, and 22 in the seventh and eighth grade room.

In high school, the freshman class has 23 pupils; 21 sophomores, 17 juniors and 20 seniors.

Of the senior group this year, five—two girls and three boys, had started school in Walnut together in the first grade and hope to complete their senior year next spring. They are Shirley Brindley, Willa Croft, Bob Sornsen, Lawrence Weber and Dale Bussow. (The Walnut Bureau, September 2, 1948, p. 1)